400 people driven by

creativity, passion and

direct communication


The energy is infectious. We hold each other accountable and reinforce our values every day through action and teamwork. We have each other’s backs, and protect our bold culture.  We are proud of the work we do, and the people we work with.

“Anthem leaders aspire to take their egos out of the discussion, to facilitate the free exchange of ideas, all the while steadily guiding their teams in pursuit of the mission. They may trip once in a while, but they get back up, accept, learn, and get on with the quest.”

—Eric Carlson, Core Founder and CEO

Leadership Team

  • Eric Carlson

    Eric is the founder and CEO of Anthem and CEO of Anthem United. Highly engaged in the daily operations of the company, he is responsible for the strategic direction and overall execution of all aspects of the business.

    Working closely with the leadership team, he provides (relentless) oversight and direction for acquisitions, design, development and finance. Showing up every day for 29 years, he is fuelled by the passion and pursuit of creating original spaces and building strong communities.

  • Bruce McQuaid

    Bruce led the real estate finance group at Anthem for more than 14 years, negotiating with banks, investors and other lenders to raise debt and equity and ensure financial feasibility for each of Anthem’s projects.

    He still plays an active role at Anthem, but has taken a well-earned step back to focus on his family, long vacations in his Airstream and cruising BC’s coast on his boat Serendipitous.

  • Elva Kim
    Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

    As EVP of Sales and Marketing, Elva is responsible for providing leadership to a dedicated team of marketing, sales and homeowner care professionals, who together, bring Anthem’s residential projects through their entire life cycle. She also leads our corporate communication efforts to ensure the Anthem brand accurately reflects our organization’s character.

    A key member of the Anthem team since 2013, and an industry veteran of 17 years, Elva is energized by the dynamic nature of the business across our four cities, the challenging work and being able to impact positive change. Above all else, she says it is the great humans and team energy at Anthem that inspires her. As a card-carrying RoadStar member, she holds an impeccable driving record with no “known” incidents to speak of.

  • Glenda Sawatzky
    Vice President, Property Management

    An industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience, Glenda leads our property management team and oversees Anthem’s growing income-producing portfolio.

    Glenda has a knack for organization and lists, but you’ll rarely find her sitting inside. From kayaking to learning about a city’s history, Glenda is always up for a challenge. Her welcoming smile and open door make her a shoo-in to receive the “world’s best boss” mug.

  • Rob McJunkin
    Chief Financial Officer

    As CFO, Rob oversees Anthem’s finance, accounting, information services and administration departments, which support the real estate teams.

    Rob joined the Anthem team in 2013 with more than 25 years of broad ranging global finance experience in a variety of industries. He is drawn in and engaged by the passion, commitment and team spirit of the group.

  • Grace To
    Vice President, Anthem Capital

    Grace started with Anthem in 1994 in various roles, including accounting and mortgage finance.

    She began working with Anthem Capital Corp in 1999 in the Mining and Energy and Technology portfolios.  She worked for three years as Controller for Mega Movies, an Anthem Capital portfolio company, prior to its sale to Rogers.  Grace has been involved in raising capital for real estate projects and both private and public companies that form part of the Anthem Capital portfolio.

  • Bill Kennedy
    Executive Vice President, Investment

    A core team member since late 2005, Bill plays a key role in managing the investment portfolio and acquisitional efforts of Anthem.

    With a keen eye for detail and strong instinct for all things fiscal, he ensures the stability and cohesion of all agreements made with investors, vendors, buyers and other parties involved with the operations of the company. He thrives anything transaction-related, and enjoys working with his team immensely. Fun fact: Bill went to school with Tony Blair, who (thirty years later) didn’t recall knowing him at all!

  • Kevin Falcon
    Executive Vice President, Anthem Capital

    Kevin works on the Capital side of the business, liaising with our equity and debt partners.

    Anchoring the finance team since 2013, he is responsible for oversight of the financial side of Anthem’s real estate projects, as well as equity investments in a range of industry sectors. Not just a finance guy, Kevin also serves on numerous corporate and charity boards, and is passionate about societal issues such as homelessness. In his spare time, Kevin dons a full set of armour, mounts his mountain bike and bombs trails on Vancouver’s North Shore, Kamloops and Revelstoke.

    Prior to joining Anthem, Kevin served as Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance for British Columbia. As one of British Columbia’s longest serving Transportation Ministers, Kevin initiated and oversaw some $13 billion dollars of major projects, including the Port Mann bridge, Sea to Sky Highway, Canada Line, Evergreen Line and William Bennett Bridge, just to name a few. Kevin also served as Minister of Health and Minister of Deregulation.

  • Rob Blackwell
    Executive Vice President, Development

    Rob is a senior member of our development team, overseeing various projects on both the commercial and residential side. With the team since 2005, he began his career at Anthem as a director of our commercial development group.

    Creative and entrepreneurial, Rob enjoys how these principles apply to real estate development—seeing an opportunity, acquiring it, planning, designing and visioning, selling, marketing and leasing, building and completing it.  He has a love/ hate relationship with trail running and mountain bike racing.

  • Brent Hawkins
    Executive Vice President, Construction

    Providing oversight on all construction activities, Brent leads the planning, budget, safety, execution and quality control of all projects from breaking ground to completion and occupancy.

    Working with the team for over a decade, he is energized by the people, learning opportunities and success of the company. Behind his rugged exterior, Brent is a connoisseur of all fine things, especially wine.  And he’s actually a soft hearted guy who really wants to see people succeed.

  • Bob Clark
    Vice President, Information Services

    Bob works with all groups within Anthem to help them leverage technology to be better at what they do. Prior to working at Anthem he worked as a consultant in a IT professional services company providing solutions to various organizations and governments throughout North America. He currently oversees the development, delivery and operations of the IT infrastructure, services and security at Anthem. Since joining the company in 2004, his role has become increasingly strategic and high-level in its focus. His job satisfaction comes from working with the talented, driven and highly motivated individuals to raise the bar and set new standards of excellence. He’s also been asked to occasionally serve as in-house psychologist in his second office located at the restaurant downstairs.

  • Jennifer Pedersen
    Vice President, Development and Construction Accounting

    Jennifer is Anthem’s VP of Development and Construction Accounting. With her talented team of over 20 accounting professionals, she provides critical support with project proformas, financing, construction loans and cash flow management.

    Jennifer joined Anthem in 2019, bringing with her over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, in Canada and internationally. Out of the office, you’ll find her at the barn, cheering on her daughter who competes in horse shows, or riding her road bike around town.

  • Nick Marks
    Vice President, Real Estate Finance

    Nick is our Vice President of Real Estate Finance, working on sourcing debt and equity capital for IPP acquisitions, new developments and refinancing of existing assets.  He’s been with the team since 2011.

    He enjoys the dynamic nature of our business and the great corporate culture.  An avid traveler, he holds the team record of visiting 30 countries on 6 different continents.

  • Paul Faibish
    Senior Vice President, Development

    Paul has been with Anthem since 2011, providing high-level oversight on a number of our development projects and helping to manage the people within the development team.

    A lover of all things big and complicated, he enjoys working with a group of talented and motivated people to bring projects from concept into reality. In his spare time, he aspires to learn multiple languages. So far, he excels in English.

  • Krista Whitelock
    Vice President, Marketing

    Krista is responsible for managing the marketing team and taking the lead on all residential project marketing programs. With over 17 years of industry experience, Krista is a driving force of passion and creativity.

    She has a true passion to bring positive influence, improve systems and increase productivity. She maintains a healthy obsession with traveling, having explored over 27 countries across the globe.

  • Bob Tattle
    Vice President, Business Development

    Bob’s focus is the pursuit of new opportunities. He ensures that our network of relationships is strong and vast, working his connections to source new IPP deals for the company.

    A key member of the team since 2000, Bob is inspired daily by the passion of his colleagues and strong values of the company. His team harbours a low-level resentment for his vocal support of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  • Ed Cheung
    Vice President, Tax and Treasury

    Ed has held a number of financial positions over his 24 year tenure at Anthem and is now focused on treasury and tax.

    His job is to ensure that the company successfully navigates the complex corporate regulations and compliance requirements for an operation of this scale—seriously exciting stuff, he swears. He enjoys the constant challenge of new projects and working together with the team to learn and grow together. Ed is also a runner, and has completed a full marathon.

  • Elisa Lui
    Director, Accounting, Anthem Capital

    Elisa is responsible for accounting and cash management of Anthem Capital Corp. and its subsidiaries. With the team since way back in 1998, she’s steadily risen through a variety of positions to reach her senior role of today.

    Collaborative and team oriented, she enjoys analytical work and how technology can enhance our operations.

  • Riaan Debeer
    Vice President, Development

    An architect by training, Riaan works on the oversight of projects and property teams in our development division. With an extensive career in real estate, he provides big picture thinking and mentorship to junior staff as part of his duties.

    Riaan thrives on working with teams, establishing a clear vision and solving problems with lateral thinking. On the weekends, he recalibrates by spending time behind the lens, working on his fine art photography.

  • Liz Anderson
    Vice President, Sales

    Liz comes to Anthem with over 15 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing. Liz is a powerhouse who gets it done and gets it done right. Nothing keeps her from showing up to support her team.

    Mom of two kids, goats, chickens and a dog, Liz’s home life is as diverse as the sales programs she oversees. Liz is a grazer, like her goats. She never stops long enough to eat a meal, but rather snacks on the go. She’s a diehard All Blacks fan and a perfect day includes her family, friends, lots of laughter and don’t forget the wine.

  • Nick Roos
    General Counsel

    As General Counsel, Nick oversees and coordinates legal matters across Anthem’s four offices. Driven by process and teamwork and with a passion for complex business transactions, Nick works with a cross-section of teams to grow Anthem’s portfolio thoughtfully and strategically.

    Nick joined Anthem in 2018 after practicing law at a leading national firm in Vancouver. Secretly, Nick dreams of being a Formula One driver – but at Anthem, he gets his adrenaline from the fast-paced and dynamic work environment.

  • Tejash Chauhan
    Vice President, Asset Management

    As the VP of Asset Management, Tejash is responsible for helping the team grow and diversify our income producing properties and mixed use portfolios, and to ensure best practice management of our assets. He’s also the asset manager for many Anthem properties.

    When he’s not deep into assets and strategy, Tejash is the guy to go to for his excellent recommendations on the best places to eat and drink in Vancouver. Even though his childhood dream was to become an international airline pilot, if he had a chance at a parallel life today, he’d own a winery in the Okanagan.

  • Mike Peebles
    Vice President, Leasing and Asset Manager

    Mike is the vertical leader of our leasing group. Working with Anthem since 2013, he has worked his way up from junior leasing manager to steering the ship and setting the tone for many of our properties.

    A true team player, he thrives on the fact that everyone is expected to contribute, regardless of title or seniority. Being a part of the success of so many developments is what provides Mike’s daily spark. Apparently his real name is Stephen, but we call him Peebles.

  • Jordan Carlson
    Vice President, Investment

    As the leader of Anthem’s Acquisitions team, Jordan oversees the company’s purchase of new Vertical Development Sites and Income Producing Properties.

    He is a big proponent of Anthem and is often found out and about, spreading the word. A partially closeted fan of mid-aughts rap, he’s committed countless verses to memory. Don’t try and battle him.

  • Kevin Beck
    Vice President, Construction

    Kevin provides oversight on construction design, budgeting and execution on multiple Anthem projects. Currently in his 7th year at the company, he came on board as a senior project manager.

    He enjoys the close working relationship and open communication between the development and construction groups at Anthem, where he is able to learn about and experience the full life cycle of the projects. Before his beloved children were born, he lived in Gaspe learning French, and loved climbing the Squamish Chief.

  • Sean Day
    Vice President, Industrial

    Based in our Calgary office, Sean is responsible for the performance and growth of Anthem’s industrial portfolio in Alberta.

    Energized by the fast-paced and relationship-driven world of commercial real estate, Sean’s #1 rule is: forget the rules and do what it takes. When he needs to unwind, you’ll find him thumbing through dusty, buried treasure at the local record store… but his favourite place to be is at home by the crackling fire with a great bourbon and the silky sounds of Tony Bennett.

  • Theresa O’Brien
    Vice President, People

    At Anthem, Theresa supports our people across all four offices. She is the epitome of our values – passionate, direct and always ready to listen. As a result, people trust her and her door is always open.

    The best advice Theresa ever received is to take chances. She’s stepped out of her comfort zone many times to seize opportunities in life and at Anthem. We’re happy she accepted the opportunity to be our Director of People.

  • Cindy MacMillan
    Senior Director, Asset Management

    Cindy holds a leadership role in IPP, strategically managing our assets to help drive their growth, improvement and performance. She oversees a large and sometimes very challenging portfolio, including Anthem’s more “unique” retail and office properties, and approaches them with a balance of business acumen, experience and understanding.

    Cindy has worked at Anthem for more than a decade, first as a Corporate Accountant, then moving into Leasing in 2007, and combining both skill sets and knowledge to naturally evolve into Asset Management. She has introduced and championed Anthem’s Annual Health Challenge and Sun Run Team, and she can plan a party like nobody’s business, but deep down, she dreams of driving fast and furious as a race car driver.

  • Isaac Beall
    Senior Director, Development

    As Senior Director of Development, Isaac oversees our commercial and mixed use residential projects through the development process. He joined the Anthem team in 2020, bringing with him over 17 years of real estate experience. Throughout his career, he’s touched nearly every stage of a project life cycle, from the residential sales floor to commercial leasing, site acquisition and full cycle development, giving him valuable insight on a variety of our end users.

    Isaac is a passionate cyclist. His favourite time to hit the road is early in the morning before the rest of the world is awake, which explains the immense amount of coffee he consumes.

  • Brent Carlson
    Senior Director, Development

    Functioning as the lead on the planning of development projects, Brent works with internal and external teams through the development permit process to create buildable projects.

    Working with Anthem for over 14 years, he has held a number of positions focused on real estate. Brent thrives on the dynamic and challenging nature of the development space. He’s also been known to flip 75 nickels off his elbow and catch them in one hand.

  • Phanie Legaspi
    Senior Director, Corporate Accounting

    Phanie started at Anthem more than 19 years ago as a junior accounting assistant. Today, she is the Senior Director of Corporate Accounting, responsible for overseeing corporate consolidations, financial reporting and coordinating information to our external auditors and stakeholders.

    Phanie is a traveler by nature, hitting the road with her husband and three young children every summer on trips to California and Arizona.

  • Jeff Pockett
    Director, Leasing

    As Director of Leasing, Jeff oversees the leasing of dozens of Anthem’s income-producing properties throughout BC and Alberta. Over his years at Anthem he has earned a reputation for being incredibly skilled at converting tenant interest into solid lease deals and lasting relationships.

    In the last few years Jeff has taken on more responsibility not only at work but also at home by starting a family. And while bringing his son and daughter home for the first time were his proudest life moments, his favourite time of the day has become the kids’ bedtime.

  • Ryan Hall
    Director, Leasing

    As Director of Leasing, Ryan oversees the lease deals for a variety of our office and retail properties and can often be found grinding away on a unique value add deal. Having joined the Leasing team in 2018, Ryan values the teamwork and open candor at Anthem. He’s always game for a rigorous debate that concludes in a win-win scenario.

    Competitive by nature, Ryan enjoys the special kind of suffering that comes from endurance sports and competes in triathlons to relax. He says it balances out the copious amounts of pasta and beer he consumes following a race.

  • Bernie St. Pierre
    Director, Property Management

    A seasoned property management expert, Bernie oversees the management of Anthem’s property portfolio in Western Canada.

    Working across the various internal teams, his involvement in projects spans from concept to completion. His 18 year career at Anthem is grounded by the personal satisfaction that he gains by overcoming challenges to the successful outcome of each project that he’s involved in. FYI, he’s nowhere near the wild guy most people perceive him to be.

  • Cheryl Leano
    Director, IPP Accounting

    Cheryl is Anthem’s Director of IPP Accounting. She handles the income producing property side of the business. With her team of 14, she reviews monthly financials, cash flows, asset summaries, forecasts and budgets.

    Cheryl is equally good with the right side of her brain. She loves to draw and sing, and can beat almost anybody at building IKEA furniture. She’s also a bit of a sports fan and loves watching almost any game or match.

  • Ken West
    Director, Construction

    Since joining Anthem in 2007, Ken has overseen the successful construction and renovation of much of our income producing portfolio. From building new shopping centres in the Okanagan and subsequently repositioning Best Buy at Snyatan (not once, but twice), to the restoration of our historic Save-on-Meats building, Ken can be counted on to get things done efficiently and professionally. Maybe that’s because his previous profession was a firefighter. He knows how to keep us all calm and in control in even the most stressful circumstances.

    Outside of work, a perfect day for Ken includes a run, a beer on a patio and time with his son.

  • Hong Guo
    Director, Tax

    Hong holds the important role of Tax Director at Anthem. She’s responsible for overseeing the company’s tax compliance, including corporation tax returns and CRA tax notices. She deals with more than 400 tax returns at Anthem every year! The eye watering complexity of her job is balanced by the people who work at Anthem. She loves how everyone here is treated with courtesy, respect and kindness.

    When she’s not at work, Hong is an avid birdwatcher. In her words, concentrating on a bird’s “world can help take my mind off any stresses in my own world.”

  • Woody O’Neill
    Director, Construction

    Woody has been a key member of the Anthem Construction team since 2005. With experience on both the residential and commercial sides of our business, he ensures our mixed use developments are well thought out and executed to the highest standards.

    An avid golfer and the ace on anyone’s baseball team, Woody’s secret to succeeding at work is to prioritize, get it done and above all, have fun.

  • Jennifer Nguyen
    Director, Sales

    Jennifer oversees our multifamily sales programs across Metro Vancouver and Calgary. With over a decade of real estate experience, she’s driven by Anthem’s team-based environment, and luckily for us, enjoys a good spreadsheet or two.

    Jennifer is known for always having snacks in her desk and an audiobook playing in her car. Outside of work, she enjoys a good run if the weather’s right. Her greatest joy is a beautiful day with her husband and young daughter.

  • Kristina Zelenika
    Director, Sales Operations

    Kristina is responsible for the ops side of our sales programs, leading all sales administration and operations activities for Anthem’s Vertical Development portfolio. An associate broker and lawyer, she can read through a contract or disclosure statement like nobody’s business. If you ask her what she does at Anthem, she says she’s here to drive process, answer questions, draft things and support an epic team.

    Kristina is a classic Vancouverite. She loves the ocean air, the mountains and to brunch.

  • Mike Grywacheski
    Vice President, Construction

    Another key member of our construction team, Mike is responsible for managing his team at the Station Square project in Burnaby, BC.

    He takes a vested interest in the development and growth of his team, and gains immense satisfaction seeing them achieve their goals and learn new skillsets through their work together. He looks forward to the day that the Station Square towers are completed, as it will be his biggest career achievement to date. Word on the street is that he makes a mean apple pie.

  • Jeremy Webster
    Director, Homeowner Care

    Jeremy has been a part of the Homeowner Care team since the beginning. He is responsible for providing homeowners with the information, tools and resources for a lifetime of happy living.

    While developing Anthem’s homeowner care plan, Jeremy has worked on over nine communities, welcoming nearly 1,000 people to their Anthem homes. His number one homeowner care tip? Vacuum the fan behind your fridge to make it last years longer. When he’s not training our entourage of new team members, Jeremy is building a home of his own with his wife and baby daughter.

  • Evany Hung
    Director, Tax

    Evany leads Anthem’s Canadian and US tax planning and compliance activities across our four offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Sacramento.

    Navigating the complicated and challenging international tax structure takes creativity, and Evany takes it all in stride, doing what it takes to get the best work done. Outside of the office, you can find her kickboxing or enjoying a good meal.

  • Ryan Jagger
    Senior Director, Real Estate Finance

    Ryan is Anthem’s Senior Director of Real Estate Finance. In his former life, he worked at a mortgage brokerage for 14 years in BC and Alberta. Lucky for Anthem, Ryan is passionate about numbers. He works closely not only with Finance, but also all of our Teams to understand each and every capital need.

    Born and raised in Vancouver, for better or (usually) for worse, he’s a lifelong Canucks fan.

  • Melissa Kanji
    Senior Director, Development and Construction Accounting

    As Director of Development and Construction Accounting, Melissa oversees the complex accounting structure for all our vertical projects in western North America. She also plays a key role in forecasting project cash flows and investor reporting.

    Melissa chose Anthem because of value alignment. She’s creative, passionate, a team player and she gets it done. But if she weren’t at Anthem, she’d be a hip hop dancer, or at least hosting full-time dance parties for her kids.

  • Ray Dietz
    Senior Director, Marketing

    Since joining Anthem in 2015, Ray has successfully led some of our largest marketing campaigns for Anthem’s residential projects, including Station Square, Parkside at Waterfront and Wynwood Green. He now leads the marketing teams for Land Development in Alberta and California.

    Ray endeavours to create great experiences for everyone he works with. He leads by listening and is driven to see his team kick ass and reach their goals. When he’s not working, Ray likes to hit the local POCO trails.

  • Marcos Mogyoros
    Director, Acquisitions

    Marcos leads the acquisition of new Vertical Development sites and Income Producing Properties, with a specific focus on business development activities for Anthem’s wood frame projects and residential rental program.

    The epitome of the live/work/play lifestyle, when Marcos isn’t sourcing new deals, you’ll find him skiing or biking in the mountains. He’s currently working on training his future trail buddy, his adopted pup Loki.

  • Jeff Rust
    Director, Development

    As Director of Development in our Calgary office, Jeff is responsible for overseeing our Calgary multifamily residential projects through the entire development process. With over 500 new homes coming soon to the Calgary area, Jeff isn’t afraid of a little hard work to get it done.

    A lover of the great outdoors, when Jeff isn’t in our Calgary or Vancouver offices, you’ll find him skiing or hiking in the mountains, on a golf course or out riding his motorcycle.

  • Marie-Claude Gagnon
    Director, Real Estate Finance

    As Director of Real Estate Finance, Marie-Claude works alongside our various teams to secure capital for our projects. Driven by transactional work, her path to Anthem included corporate and structured finance roles in real estate and renewable energy.

    Energized by nature, Marie-Claude enjoys hitting the trails or the mountains whenever she can (often with her young kids in tow).

  • Chase Melnychyn
    Director, Real Estate Finance

    Chase is responsible for securing capital for a diverse selection of Anthem’s IPP and development projects in Canada and the U.S. With a background in banking, an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, Chase brings a valuable perspective and skillset to our debt and equity financing process.

    Though he’s been in the finance industry for over a decade, Chase’s first job was at the batting cages and his childhood dream was to be a professional baseball player. Today, he’s the starting shortstop on Anthem’s softball team, with future dreams of coaching his two sons in little league.

  • Rebecca Vigelius
    Advisor, Media Relations

    As Anthem’s Media Relations Advisor, Rebecca manages our public relations outreach and is the first point of contact for all media requests. A former TV news producer turned PR, Communications and Marketing executive, Rebecca knows how newsrooms run, what reporters need and how to tell a story that gets noticed.

    Rebecca’s 20-year career has taken her from the slopes of the Austrian Alps to the soccer pitches of Qatar. She has worked with everyone from local business owners to European princes and Bollywood stars. When she’s not advising on media issues and opportunities, you’ll find her trying to close the exercise ring on her Apple watch, experimenting in the kitchen or reading one of the books in the ever-evolving stack on her nightstand.